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General Mounting Instructions.

You need to use this instruction only if there is no specific instruction for Your particular machine.
This instruction takes only a few minutes longer than a specific one, and will provide a 100% safe and top performing LClock upgrade.

Getting started !

  • Check for your CD Player in the CD Player Clock Freqency Table below :-
  • Make / Model Clock Frequency (MHz)
    Accuphase DP90 16.9344
    Arcam Alpha 5 plus 11.2896
    Cambridge CD6 11.2896
    Cambridge Discmagic 16.9344
    Denon DCD725 16.9344
    Denon DCD1500 8.4672
    Denon DCD3300 16.9344
    Denon DCD3560 16.9344
    HOLFI Xara 16.9344
    HOLFI Xara SE 16.9344
    Kenwood DP7030 45.1584
    Kenwood DP7060 16.9344
    Kenwood DP7090 16.9344
    Kenwood L-1000D 67.7376
    Marantz CD 52 11.2896
    Marantz CD 63 SE 16.9344
    Micro Mega Leader 11.2896
    Micro Mega Stage 1..2..3 33.8688
    Parasound C/DP 1000 16.9344
    Pink Triangle Numeral 33.8688
    Pioneer PD75 16.9344
    Pioneer PD95 16.9344
    Pioneer PDR-04 16.9344
    Pioneer PDS 505 16.9344
    Proceed PCD-2 11.2896
    Rega Planet 16.9344
    Rotel RCD-965 BX 11.2896
    Rotel RCD-970 BX 11.2896
    Rotel RCD-971 16.9344
    Rotel RCD-975 11.2896
    Rotel RH-CD10 16.9344
    SONY CDP-497 22.5792
    SONY CDP-555 ES 16.9344
    SONY CDP-X7 ESD 16.9344
    SONY CDP-X222 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-X229 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-X777 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-X779 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-XA-5 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-XA-7 ES 45.1584
    SONY CDP-XB920 45.1584
    SONY CDP-XE900 45.1584
    Teac VRDS-10 16.9344
    Teac VRDS-T1 16.9344
    Technics SL-PS620A 33.8688
    Technics SL-PS840 33.8688
    Thule CD-100 11.2896
    Thule Spirit 16.9344
  • Take the top cover off Your machine, by removing screws in the side and/or top and back of the enclosure.
  • Locate the Crystal unit, it's a shiny metal surface component on the PC board, mostly the right hand side, when you view the CD from the front panel. The size of the crystal unit is 10 by 15 mm. or 1/2 by 3/4 inch. It may be encapsulated in a black rubber housing, or textile tape.
  • The Crystal unit has a frequency marking, we need in order to send you the right LClock unit.
  • Here are the options for this marking:
  • The marking may only consist of some of these numbers. for instance 45.15 is normal for a 45.1584 MHz unit. Something like 169NDK is not unlikely for a 16.9344 MHz unit.
Follow these steps:

1..Remove the crystal unit in Your CD player. To do this You may have to unmount a PC board, and/or unplug some wire connectors. Be sure to draw a sketch of where each wire connector fits in again, or check if they can only go in one way, as in most players.

2..Remove two capacitors placed right next to the crystal unit, they are marked with something like: 10, 12, 15, 100 or 1000. These two parts are placed within a 2 cm / 1" range of the crystal, They have a printed number on the PC Board, starting with C, i.e. C102. You can't mistake them for anything else.

3..The point on the PC board, where the two capacitors You just removed, connect together, is the GND. Connect LClock GND to this point. GND is clearly marked on the LClock unit.

4..A 500 Ohm resistor is connected from Out to Gnd on the LClock You have. Cut the Gnd side of this resistor leaving only 3-4 mm. wire on the resistor. Connect the free end of the resistor to any of the two solderpads where the crystal unit was just unsoldered from the CD player PCB.


5..Connect LClock's red wire to a 12V power supply. Most machines have an 7812 voltage regulator in them, connect the red wire to the right hand (output) pin, when viewing the '7812' text correctly. An 7805 can also be used to connect the red wire, but in this case, use the left hand (input) pin, when viewing the '7805' text right. LClock has it's own on board precision voltage regulator. Therefore any voltage between 8 and 20 Volts is appropriate for running the unit. You could just use a multimeter to locate a power source for LClock, (Draws 10-12 mA DC).
Connecting the 7805/7812... ...The LClock unit. Gnd and Out is clearly marked on the PCB.
6..Fit any unplugged connectors, and connect mains power. With a CD, check if the player is operational, can it read the time info on the CD? If no, change the 500 Ohm resistor to the other crystal solder pad on the CD player PCB. Try again, now it should work right.

7..When the machine seems to be in working order, remove the 500 Ohm resistor, and connect the LClock Out directly to the right crystal solder pad. (Where the CD player was functioning correctly).

8..Fit screws and connector wires back in, put a CD in and check the CD player by listening to some well known music. 

9..Adjust the (20 turn) trimmer on LClock, turn it a few revs counterclockwise, and then twice as many revs clockwise. If no loud noise is heard, just turn it back to a position in between, and leave it. Else find an interval on the trimmer where the sound is clean, and does not break up. Set the trimmer in the middle of the usable interval.

10..There is no sonic performance gain in setting the trimmer to a precise position. If it works it works perfectly.

11..Put Your machine back together, the optimal performance will occur after approximately 48 hours with power on the CD player, (no need to play all the time).

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