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BKAA42 - Beginner's Guide To Tube Audio Design - by Bruce Rozenblit
BKAA43 - Valve For Audio Frequency Amplifiers - by E. Rodenhuis
BKAA31 - An Approach To Audio Frequency Amplifier Design - GEC, UK
BKAA34 - Principles Of Electron Tubes - Herberth J. Reich
BKAE8 - Radio Tube Manual - from Antique Electronic Supply
BKAA47 - RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-14
BKAA48 - RCA Transmitting Tube Manual TT-4
BKGT1 - The Tube Amp Book (Tube Guitar Amps) 4.1 Edition - Aspen Pittman
BKS30 - Tube Substitution Handbook, New Edition - by Willial Smith & Barry uchanan
BKAA2-V - The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 5th Edition - by Vance Dickson
BKAA30 - Loudspeaker Design Cookbook II; Loudspeaker Recipes - Vance Dickson
BKAA45 - Testing Loudspeakers - Joseph D'Appolito
BKAA8 - Bullock On Boxes - by Robert M. Bullock III with Robert White
BKT12 -Designing, Building & Testing Your Own Speaker System, With Projects - bu David B. Weems
BKS62 - Advance Speaker Design - by Ray Alden
BKS60 - Speakers For Your Home & Automobile 3rd. Edition - by Gordon McComb, Alvis J. Evans, Eric J. Evans
BKAALP1 - Speaker Builder's Loudspeaker Project #1 - from Elektuur magazine
The Audio Engineering Society's Loudspeaker Anthologies:
BKAS1/1 - Loudspeaker, Volume 1 (1953 to 1977) - Raymond E. Cooke, Editor
BKAS1/2 - Loudspeakers, Volume 2 (1978 to 1983) - Raymon E. Coole, Editor
BKAS1/3 - Loudspeakers, Volume 3 (System & Crossover Networks) - Edited by Mark R. Gander
BKAS1/4 - Loudspeakers, Volume 4 (Transducers, Measurements & Evaluation) - Edited by Mark R. Gander
BKMH27 - The Car Stereo Cookbook; How To Design, Choose and Install Car Stereo Systems - by Mark Rumreich
BKAA37 - Ultimate Auto Sound; Your Guide To Heaven on Wheels - by Daniel Ferguson
BKAA49 - The LP Is Back - from Audio Amateur
BKCW1 - There Are No Electrons; Electronics for Earthlings - Kenn Amdahl
BKS57 -VOM & DVM Multitesters - by Alvis J. Evans
BKS59 - Complete Guide To Audio - by John J. Adams
BKS56 - Schematic Diagrams - J. Richard Johnson
BKAP2 - Audio Measurement Handbook - by Bob Matzler, Audio Precision, Inc.
BKB52 - The Art & Science Of Analog Circuit Design - edited by Jim Williams
BKAA50 - Loudspeakers for Musicians - by Bill Fitzmaurice
Joy of Audio - by Charles Hansen
GEC Audio Amplifiers - Reprint of GEC UK
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