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The Full Kit
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Special Offer !!

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Etude DA-1716
24 Bit/96kHz DAC KIT

Only RM550.00 per Kit


The Etude 24 bit/96kHz DAC Kit is a technically advance DAC Kit.The DAC section comprise a pre-mounted SMD Crystal CS8414 as the 96kHz digital audio receiver, a pre -mounted SMD Burr-Brown PCM 1716 
24-bit/ 96kHz sampling CMOS Delta-Sigma stereo audio DAC chip and a Texas Instruments NE5532AP dual low-noise operational amplifier.
  • The Kit includes the following parts:
  • PCB mounted Coaxial digital input socket - 1 pc
  • RCA output socket - 1 pc.
  • 2SC1815 Transistor - 1 pc.
  • All capacitors & resistors for the DAC section
  • Power Transformers - 2 pcs.
  • *Burr-Brown OPA2604AP dual low-noise operational amplifier. - 1 pc.
An optional Optical input socket is also available.
The Power Supply section uses Linear Technology 
regualtors;one LT1033CT negative adjustable regulator 
for the 5V regulationand two LT1085CT positive 
adjustable regualtors, one for 5V and the other for 
12V regulation. Include all PCB mounted Capacitors, 
Resistors, Diodes & Trimmers. 



Components & Parts:

The DAC kit uses good Audio grade components & Parts, 
such as Philips and Rubycon low ESR electrolytic 
capacitors, Philips metallized film capacitors for both the 
DAC and Power Supply sections. 
The 3 resistors use in the power supply 
section are 1% 25 ppm metal film.
The Diode are GW RL202, 
Trimmers are TOSOS from Japan. 
Also included with this kit is an extra piece of 
*Burr-Brown Opamp for the builder to experiment with, 
as different opamp have different sound characterstic.
Have fun!

Complete build-up with optional mirror stainless steel front panel. 

The Basic Kit - PCB, components & manual.
The complete accessories :
- Laser cut Stainless Steel Panels
- 2 plastic boxes
- 2 transformers
- Power cables
- Hook-up wires
- IEC socket w fuse holder
- Fixtures (screws, nuts,washers...)
The Full Kit - Basic Kit + Complete Accessories